Duke Productions was founded by three twisted disciples of the Gonzo ethic.

A. Duke recently wrapped up his work in Tibet as a schoolhouse hammer-swinger and established a base on the southern heights of San Francisco. A near-fatal attempt by a Russian courtesan to steal his kidney has infused him with an abject phobia of ice, bathtubs, and karaoke. Women want him, fish fear him. His fetishes include German assault rifles and multi-orgasmic brunettes.
B. Duke is a freelance counter-intelligence operative feared throughout the Empire and certain precious gem syndicates. After giving notice to friends and family, he dove body-mind-soul into Thompson. Recent sighting reports in South Dakota, Wyoming, Edmundton, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco read like confessions from some hideous corruption and conversion spree. He prefers LSD to all other drugs and aggressive seduction to passive supplication.
C. Duke runs the NorCal Fucko Mob at its latest base in Milan, Italy. An ardent and prolific provocateur with preternatural maternal instincts, her hands sculpt stone with a caress. Seriously. This woman has the kind of gargantuan flame-throwing dump truck that can incinerate national forests and haul their mountains away in a single trip. Her hobbies include freestyle ice skating and cotton candy. Known to be well-dressed and heavily armed.

Interested in helping us out? Send an email to team@gonzoduke.com and let's talk.

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